Contemporary Art Tour
Reykjavík, Iceland
March 8-11, 2018

Join us for three days of visits to uncommon and vibrant contemporary artist studios, galleries, art museums, and private collections.  You’ll have an intimate opportunity to meet emerging and established Icelandic artists while strolling Reykjavik and discovering its numerous, surprising art venues.

Come engage with like-minded people and hunt for the Northern Lights.  Encounter the charm and uniqueness of Reykjavik many never see.  Be amazed and inspired as we experience a city where creativity has no limits!


An unexpected Icelandic art touring experience.


Do you get a thrill experiencing undiscovered and unfound contemporary art?  If having fun, traveling to unique places, and joining people seeking to encounter contemporary art, Art Detours affords you these opportunities.

Join us for a journey through the visual world of Iceland as our tour takes us to several significant contemporary galleries in the Reykjavik area (within walking distance of our hotel).  Expert curators will provide insights into the current Icelandic art scene and locally noted artists.  From there, we will visit a highly acclaimed, world-class sculpture artist studio and receive a personal tour.  We will learn about her beautiful work in bronze, steel, aluminum, and glass.  Plans are in the making to tour a second artist studio in the same area.

The following day, we will travel to a sculpture artist’s home in the country where we will see her studio and fantastic collection on contemporary art including works by Guðjón Ketilsson, Gústav Geir Bollason, Harpa Árnadóttir, Helgi Þorgils Friðjónsson and Sigurður Árni Sigurðsson. We’ll also have the opportunity to visit her gorgeous Icelandic horses.  Horses are an integral element in Icelandic culture — this is unique and intimate experience rarely seen by Icelandic visitors.

You’ll also experience a curator-led visit to Iceland’s newest center for the visual arts — The Marshall House — A Living Art Museum.  The Marshall House has garnered widespread attention for promoting contemporary art that challenges the context and content of creative thinking.  Time allowing, we’ll proceed to Kjarvalsstadir (Iceland’s Modern Art Museum).  Of course, our schedule allows for delicious culinary moments and time for you to explore!

Space is very limited.  Register today!

Tour Schedule



March 8, 2018

Group Arrives

Welcome drinks and nibbles at a fab bar near our hotel



March 9, 2018

Buffet Breakfast

All-Day Tours – Galleries, Artist Studios and Private Collections

Evening On Own



March 10, 2018

Buffet Breakfast

Morning Tours – Museums, Artists Studios and Private Collections

Afternoon Free

Group Dinner (drinks on own)



March 11, 2018

Buffet Breakfast

Group Departs


Our mission is to deepen your world awareness and cultural understanding through contemporary art. Whether visiting a private collection in Santa Fe, touring a surprising gallery in Iceland, checking out an artist in Detroit, or learning how an artist sees the world in Ireland—Art Detours will take you there.

Please join us on world adventures while deepening your understanding of our planet, our cultures, and our neighbors.