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Melinda and Tom Wunder

Melinda Wunder is an avid art collector and seeks out contemporary art no matter the city or destination.  She occasionally buys and sells a piece and loves to be in any art space, anytime, anywhere.  Melinda holds a degree in Fine Art from UCLA and also runs a successful meeting and event planning company called Creative Conventions & Events.  Melinda is currently serving on the Lyons Arts & Humanities Commission where she is working to bring 16 new sculptures to the town of Lyons, Colorado.

Tom Wunder enjoys finding places least traveled. Whether walking, hiking, driving or boating—Tom seeks out the spots many pass on and never discover. Whether communing with the Yellow Leaf People, biking around Versailles, walking the back streets of Hakone, or yachting off the coast of Procida—Tom jumps in. He also serves as Director of Influence Systems—a corporate learning and development firm based in Lyons, Colorado.

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Tom Wunder can be reached by phone or email:

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