Other Icelandic Adventures

Art Detours can help you make the following arrangements:

Hótel Búðir

Drive two hours north to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula National Park and stay at Hotel Budir where you’ll get a fabulous vista to view the northern lights and eat locally sourced food with a magical twist. We’ve checked this place out—the food is very good.

Also, in and around Budir are many waterfalls which, typically, by March begin to come alive. To learn more go to www.budir.is

Hótel Húsafell

Drive an hour and 40 minutes south from Reykjavik to the recreational area know as Husafell – beloved by Icelanders as a base for outdoorsy exploits. You’ll find lava caves, waterfalls nearby as well as the Langjokull Glacier, one of Iceland’s largest. Stay at Hotel Husafell.

(Tickets for the excursions sell-out quickly so book early.)

To learn more go to www.hotelhusafell.com


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